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Geospatial information for better decisions

Geonergy provides Geospatial and Remote Sensing services aimed at the following public and private sectors:

  • Natural Resources
  • Space and Planetary Sciences
  • Climate and Environment
  • Disaster Management
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Transport and Navigation
  • Government

Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Mapping, Spatial Analysis, 3D visualisation, Digital Elevation Models, Web-Application Development

Remote Sensing

Satellite Image processing, Interpretation and analysis, Orthorectification, Change detection, Feature extraction

GIS for Oil and Gas

Implementing GIS mapping & analysis for exploration, Oilfield, well & pipeline management, acreage & licensing

Welcome to Geonergy

Geonergy provides services  encompassing Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Remote Sensing to the various public and private sectors. Geonergy functions with its main aims: Quality, Innovation and Reliability to cater to the clients’ needs. Our solutions will provide you with the assurance that your information is trusted and affordable; with our services you can achieve total confidence in your critical business decisions based on customer driven focus, high-quality innovative services and a professional specialised team.

GIS and Remote Sensing Technology enables us to make better decisions for a sustainable future and betterment, as the world is facing ever increasing threat from various challenges such as climate change, population explosion, increasing energy demand, pollution and economic downturn. Our World is technology dependant than ever before, we are constantly striving to achieve a better source of energy such as renewable energy resources and lesser dependence on transient fossil fuels. In order to ensure a sustainable future we all have to play our parts to preserve and maintain not only our Earth’s resources but also facilitate to devise innovations that could help us to achieve our goals towards a sustainable development.

Satelite sputnik orbiting 3d earth

Why choose US ?

  • A strong strategy, design and implementation capability
  • An multi-disciplinary team with experience from a range of sectors
  • Provide bespoke solutions
  • Strong customer relationship and satisfaction
  • Highly competent prices
  • Value for money
  • Efficient working practices
  • Quality assurance & accountability
  • Help to reduce risk and increase profitability